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GFC Applauds Regional Uplift Extension and Games Inclusion in #Budget2021


Galway Film Centre (GFC) welcomes the announcement by Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe that the government’s commitment to the audiovisual sector has been renewed in the Budget 2021. This commitment takes the form of a one year extension to the Regional Film Development Uplift at the top rate of 5% whilst also developing plans for the inclusion of a video game development Tax Credit by 2022.

Galway Film Centre is a member of the Western AV Forum, a collective of over 30 key stakeholders for the film, tv, animation and games sector that aims to promote the growth and sustainability of a strong independent creative sector with a focus on identifying the needs of the sector locally and advocating for the strategic development of the regions at a national level.

On behalf of the Western AV Forum, GFC has campaigned for the support of regional film, television, animation and games industries through the extension of the Section 481 Regional Uplift at 5%, funding for regional development, and support for significant infrastructure in the regions. 

Galway Film Centre is delighted to see a commitment from the government to develop a Tax incentive for video game development. Ireland is home to world class games companies, a number of which are based within the regions, and this will provide them with an opportunity to develop and grow into the future.

As a sector that has been hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 epidemic, most particularly in the regions, continued support from the Government for Film, TV, Animation and Games will be vital in maintaining the vibrant activity the sector has experienced in the last few years. These budget announced initiatives are therefore very welcome and we look forward to seeing their undoubted impact on the sector within the region.

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