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Virtual Production Diaries 2: Back in the Office


While the last number of months have been a challenge, they have also been an incredibly productive period for our Galway Stories: Through A 2020 Lens initiative. This period of work on our Virtual Production (VP) setup has been spent in isolation from each other and from most of our equipment. As a result, we have needed to take an innovative approach to accessing computing power capable of running our VP setup with Unreal and facilitate team collaboration. This learning has allowed us to re-appraise our goals and re-imagine the pre-production phase of our short film as an entirely remote virtual process ensuring the safety and continued productivity of our crew. 

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Moving back to working in a single location together we are excited to continue forging ahead with our VP journey and defining the many possibilities open to us. We are fortunate that the spacious green screen facility at GMIT Centre for Creative Arts and Media gives us more than enough space to work while ensuring everyone’s health and safety on site in line with current guidelines.

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Having worked with our partners in Epic and Nutanix to put together a viable virtual environment hosted on AWS,  we can now use this for the pre-production of our Galway 2020 Stories Short Film with our filmmakers from our Screen Talent Europe partners spread across Europe. This will allow the crew to familiarise themselves with the Unreal VP workflow and work together remotely on the preproduction. We also continue to consult with our industry experts, including Dan May of Painting Practice and writer/director HaZ Dulull, to ensure that our talent is learning within the most productive environment possible allowing them to explore their creativity while being guided safely through the process by our wonderful mentors.

While working remotely an invaluable source of information and motivation for us during this process has been the active online Indie VP community. Creating an Indie Setup can be a challenge and we have run into our fair share of technical issues, but the guidance and support of those in the community has greatly assisted us. To name a few; Greg Corson, Richard Frantzén, Álvaro García Martínez  and of course Matt Workman all have valuable information to share regarding Indie VP on their respective Youtube Channels. 

Over the coming weeks we look forward to progressing ‘Galway Stories: through a 2020 lens’ with our talent and will continue to share further updates with you.

Galway Stories: Through a 2020 lens is presented by Galway 2020 and Galway Film Centre in association with Screen Talent Europe, Epic Games, GMIT, and Moetion Films.

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