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Galway Film Centre Celebrates Europe Day 2020


To mark Europe Day 2020, Galway Film Centre has teamed up with the European Commission Representation and European Parliament Liaison Office in Ireland to put together two events on Ireland’s relationship with Europe. Europe Day falls on May 9th each year and, in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, is an opportunity to reflect on solidarity and unity in Europe. It is also an opportunity for Irish people to reflect on the impact of Ireland’s membership of the European union and the opportunities that Europe provides for the future.

Our first event is an online screening of 7 short films commissioned by the European Commission that shows the opportunities open to us by living in the EU. Each of these seven wonderful shorts tell an independent story while highlighting what the EU can do to improve the lives of the ordinary person. We will be showing these shorts on our social media in the days running up to Europe Day when we will announce the details of a special project we would love editors to get involved with!

For our first film we’re delighted to share Debut by Dalibor Matanic.

The Europe Day Project is a partnership between Galway Film Centre, the European Commission Representation and the European Parliament Liaison Office in Ireland in association with Galway European Capital of Culture 2020.

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