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Information Day Presentations | Science On Screen 2020


Galway Film Centre and CÚRAM Centre for Research in Medical Devices are delighted to be partnering with Precision Oncology Ireland (POI) for Science on Screen 2020. The Science on Screen project will 100% fund one 24 ½ minute film with a budget of €35,000 on the topic of cancer research. Deadline for application to the Science On Screen Scheme is the 1st April 2020 and details on how to apply can be found here.

The Science on Screen Information Day was held on Wednesday February 26th at the Pálás Cinema in Galway. A range of top researchers, clinicians, and patient contributors gave an overview of their work or experience, followed by a Q&A session.

Below are the video links to each of the presentations:

  1. Claire Riordan, Education And Public Engagement Manager, CÚRAM
  1. Professor Walter Kolch, Director, Precision Oncology Ireland
  1. Dr Roisin Dwyer, NUI Galway & POI Investigator
  1. Professor Maeve Lowery, Trinity College Dublin & POI Investigator 
  1. Professor Amanda McCann, Chair, The Patient Voice in Cancer Research
  1. Patient/Lived Experience Panel [Perspectives from several cancer patients/family members] – chaired by Professor William Gallagher and Professor Amanda McCann

The Lived Experience Panel video link has been password protected in order to provide privacy to the patients who kindly shared their experiences. If you would like to view this file in preparation for your application to Science on Screen please email jade@galwayfilmcentre.ie for the password to access the presentation.

  1. Professor William Gallagher, Deputy Director, Precision Oncology Ireland
  1. Jade Murphy, Training and Education Officer , Galway Film Centre – Application Guidelines & Q&A

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