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Photos from Screen Talent Europe Pitching Forum 2018 | Mia Mullarkey

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Mia reported: “Guro Ekornholmen and Anniken Fjesme were our pitch workshop facilitators and they were really brilliant at fine-tuning everyone’s pitch. There was a big leap forward in everyone’s delivery between training and the actual pitch which occured the following day. We spent much of the time pitching in front of each other and breaking open our ideas, what they meant to us and what they might mean to an audience. I particularly appreciated how personal everyone was in sharing their concepts, it was a very honest space and it was a pleasure to see all these storytellers from across Europe talk about what moves them.

On Thursday, we each presented a project in a five-minute pitch in English, followed by five minutes of questions from the jury. The jury consisted of Sam Morrill, Director of Curation at Vimeo, Ingrid Stenserson, writer and director, and Sigrid Hadenius, Festival Coordinator at Uppsala International Short Film. I was delighted for Alexi Carpentieri who won the pitch, his pitch was completely heartfelt and the world needs to hear that story. The goal overall was to create new opportunities and to bond, and that definitely happened.”

More information on the Pitching Forum: https://www.galwayfilmcentre.ie/2018/05/29/mia-mullarkey-selected-to-attend-the-screen-talent-europe-pitching-at-grimstad/

All images @Mia Mullarkey

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