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Story and Macro Design Masterclass with Brian Allgeier & Screen Training Ireland

Tutor: Brian Allgeier

Course Date: Saturday, July 7th, 2018
Course Duration: 1 Day (10.15am – 6pm)
Venue: Galway Film Centre
Location: Galway
Cost: €50

This course is open to game writers, game designers and narrative designers from gaming industry, as well as writers/storyliners from film & TV with an interest in gaming.

Brian Allgeier will share the process of developing an overarching game design and story structure. For game design, participants will develop a list of mechanics and use them in a core game loop. They’ll see how branching paths are gated, non-linear storytelling elements are designed, and the integration of progression systems. In terms of story, the class will study the anatomy of a strong plot and how to break it down further into key emotional beats. As the story and design are developed, participants will discover how the two tracks can influence one another and work in harmony to deliver a cohesive and compelling experience.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Use macro documents to communicate story and game structure.
  • Develop core statements for pitching a game concept and defining a vision.
  • Define characters, settings, and game mechanics.
  • Align character motivations with gameplay actions.
  • Identify the conscious and unconscious desires of the hero
  • Create antagonists and the obstacles the hero faces.
  • Write major story beats that center around a controlling idea
  • Build game pillars and a core game loop
  • Plan an overarching macro design

Application Procedure:

Apply at www.screentrainingireland.ie by June 27th.

Email education@galwayfilmcentre.ie with any queries.


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