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Sad News of Filmbase Closure

It is with great sadness that we learnt today (March 15th) of the closure of Filmbase which has served as a vibrant resource centre for film-makers for over three decades. Filmbase was in many ways the inspiration for Galway Film Centre being set up in 1989 and always felt like our older sibling forging the way in the film landscape. That landscape is much poorer today with the loss of this much needed resource which has supported so many great projects and helped so many young film-makers get their start in the industry. Filmbase has played a crucial role in the development of the Irish film industry as we know it today, through great training, film funding schemes and other initiatives for emerging film talent.

Some of our brightest and most well established film current practitioners have strong links to this wonderful organization. Film-makers do not drop out of the sky fully formed. They need to develop their craft, work on their scripts, refine their skills, study the masters, find their voice, make their first short and meet like-minded souls. Filmbase provided the space for all of that to happen and more and will be greatly missed. With the closure of Cork Film Centre also in recent years there is a serious gap in the infrastructure of our film support systems that needs urgent address but that is a fight for another day.

Today we salute Filmbase and all who have worked and dreamt there, and in particular our thoughts are with the staff, who we know well, and their large community of film-makers who all must now find other ways to do their work.

A sad day for Irish film.

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