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Script Editor, Deirdre Roycroft | GFC/RTÉ Short Film Commission

Galway Film Centre is currently accepting submissions for the GFC/RTÉ Short Film Commission.

Writers are invited to submit a story idea and from these the best three selected will receive a prize of €500 each. These three writers will then go on to be mentored by experienced Script Editor, Deirdre Roycroft, to bring their idea from a story outline to a finished script. From this, one script will be selected and commissioned as a short film. We asked Deirdre a quick few questions:

1: What’s your current role – brief  bio.

Story/Script Ed with JAM Media for a brand new 40 episode live action/animation TV show.

2: Favourite Irish Short Film? / Favourite International Short Film?

I don’t have a favourite! Or, well… my favourite changes all the time. At the moment I really like The Grass is Greener by director/animator Orla McHardy, and actually, another short she made with Alice Lyons called The Polish Language.

3: Any advise for filmmaker working today?

Take risks. Aim high.

Full submission details for the GFC/RTÉ Short Film Commission are here.

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