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‘Never Grow Old’ – Western Filming in Ceantar Scannán

Ivan Kavanagh’s new film, ‘Never Grow Old’ is currently filming in Connemara. The film is produced by Ripple World Pictures is starring John Cusack,  playing pernicious villain Dutch Albert, alongside lead actor Emile Hirsch who plays the films protagonist, Patrick Tate.

‘Never Grow Old’ tells the story of Patrick Tate, an undertaker whose business booms when outlaws come to his quiet frontier town. The film stars Emile Hirsch (‘Into the Wild’). Set in the harsh American frontier landscape of 1849 the film is about greed and its consequences. It is a Faustian tale of outsider Patrick Tate who lives with his young family on the outskirts of a relatively peaceful frontier town until outlaws take over and kill all those who challenge them. Patrick plays a dangerous game befriending and profiting from the outlaws mayhem and it is only a matter of time before he must protect his own from the bloodshed.

“In a frontier town on the Oregon trail during the 1849 gold rush, a modest man Patrick Tate is trying to build a life for his soon expanding young family. A well trained carpenter and sometimes undertaker, he wants to be an honest, self-made man with a family that wants for nothing. He continues to be an outsider and not fully accepted by the community, still Patrick believes the quiet town is a good place for a growing family. He is dedicated to his work, but makes little money, and he and his wife Ingrid survive by farming their small parcel of land beside the Oregon trail. The passing wagons on their way to the communities growing around the Gold Rush tempt Patrick to move the family and join them, much to a pregnant Ingrids protests. One night notorious outlaw Dutch Albert and his four-man gang come to town on a man hunt. Sensing an opportunity, Dutch quickly takes over the small town with the elderly Sherriff unable to stop his re-opening of the towns saloon. The gambling, the pistols and Dutchs whiskey soon brings death and destruction, and Patricks undertaking business logically starts to turn a profit. Patrick finally begins to enjoy the rewards of all his hard work. As business booms between them, the ruthless outlaw starts to treat him as an ally. Many in the community are disgusted by Patricks apparent complicity, and Ingrid utterly rejects the familys new-found prosperity as blood money, the proceeds of evil. She threatens to take their daughter Emma and leave the town. Patrick justifies his actions – hes just doing his job to provide for the family – to Ingrid, and to himself. As long as the violence remains at the saloon with its patrons, he sees no reason why his family shouldn’t benefit. But Patrick is now living in a dangerous time, at a dangerous place, when loyalties can spin like the barrel of a gun.”

Other cast on the movie include Antonia Campbell Hughes, Danny Webb, Paul Ronan and Deborah Fancois. Irish Crew include DOP; Piers McGrail, Production Design; John Leslie, Costume Design; Jackye Fauconnier, and Hair & Makeup; Linda Mooney.

The film is set to continue shooting in Galway until December 22nd following filming getting underway in Ireland, early last month. The film is being produced by Jacqueline Kerrin and Dominic Wright of Ripple World Pictures, along with Nicolas Steil of the Iris Group and Jean-Michel Rey of Rezo Productions.

The film is being funded by the BAI, the Luxembourg Film Fund, Quickfire Films, and Eurimages and Cofiloisirs.

See more information on Never Grow Old and Ripple World Pictures here.


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