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Galway’s Young Filmmakers to screen at Fresh Film Festival Heat

Fresh Film Fest

Galway Film Centre is delighted to have it’s young filmmakers screen their films and animations at this years ‘Fresh Film Festival’ Galway Heat on Friday 26th February in the Town Hall Theatre here in Galway City.

Where: The GALWAY Heat of the Fresh Film Festival, Town Hall Theatre, Galway City
When: Friday 26th February, 10am to 1.30pm
Cost: FREE but need to book

BOOKINGS: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/fresh-film-festival-galway-heat…

Each year the Fresh Film Festival receives hundreds of films from junior, senior, national and international filmmakers, this year they had over 400 submissions. All films and animations submitted by Galway Film Centre young filmmakers have been selected and will be screened at the Galway Heat. There will be an Audience Award where the audiences are asked to vote for their favorite film during the heats. These votes are then tallied and the film with the most votes wins.

The screening will include:

  • The Stickman Chase by Simon Goulding
  • Boxman by Joseph Keary
  • Circus Adventure by Neasa O’Connor
  • Bob the Bored Blob by Fiachra Hayes
  • Butterfly by Leanne McDonagh
  • DaVincki & The Button by Matas Skudra
  • The Adventures of Jeff by Jack Ryan
  • To Love A Patty by Michael John McGagh
  • Nightmare Night by Lena O’Connell
  • The Wolf and The Raven by Charlottte Connolly.
  • The Galway Job by Isaac Tudela, Ivan Gutierrez, Carlos Gutierrez, Alex Del Pozzo, Juliette Gasner-Pettinotti, Pauline Gasner-Pettinotti, Andy O’Connor, Sarah Barrett & Ronan Kenny.

All films and animations were shot during the Galway Film Centre’s Summer Camps in both Animation & Live Action Drama with facilitators Denise McDonagh, Shane Reid, John Corcoran and Laura Poortenga.

Best of luck to all of Galways Young Filmmakers!

For more information on Fresh Film Festival see: http://freshfilmfestival.net/competition

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