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Film School Interviews | #4 Kate Croffey

Today, we interviewed Kate Croffey, participant on Film School 2014, about her experience on the course. Kate is now studying Film & Documentary in GMIT.

Film School 2015 starts on September 26th and runs for 8 weekends. Phone us at 091-770748 or email education@galwayfilmcentre.ie for more information.

Before, you attended Film School, had you any film experience?
Before Film School, the only experience I had in film was a Film & Script Module we did as a part of Transition Year in Secondary school. It was from there really that I got an interest for film and I wanted to know more.
Why did you do the course?
I came across this course whilst looking for college courses on my deferred college year. The 8 weekend course struck out to me as I wanted to know a bit more about film before taking on a College course in it. This course was ideal, covering everything that is necessary over 8 weekends then putting it to the test by making not one but two short films. How exciting!
Describe your experience on the course?
I loved this course, it was very hands on and getting involved from the very beginning. We made our short films at the end of the course “The Usual” which I was an assistant director on and “Rival Chivalry” where I worked on the production design side of things. It was an absolutely unbelievable experience to gain.
What are you up to now?
I am now in Second Year of a Film&Documentary degree course in GMIT. I’m also specialising in Cinematography and Production Design which is very exciting.
Was the course beneficial in developing your career/creativity?
The Film course was a huge help to me before I started college. It really made me want to go do the road of studying film and working in that sector. It gave me a great insight as to what I wanted to do “when I grow up”.

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