Issue 29


Tommy Collins– Pat Collins spoke to Tommy Collins about his debut feature as director, ‘Bogwoman’


Pat McCabe– The author of ‘The Butcher Boy’ tells Pat Collins about adapting his book for the screen with Neil Jordan
African Cinema– Rod Stoneman explores African Cinema and how African films address their different audiences
David Puttnam– Paul Power spoke to the acclaimed producer David Puttnam
Perspectives On War: An A-Z – Fergus Daly takes us through an a-z of the best war films ever made
In Search of Eldorado– Peter Walsh on Cannes 97 and Alan Rudolph’s wonderful film ‘Afterglow’
Sue Clayton-Joanne Hayden interviewed the director of ‘The Disappeaeance of Finbar’
Stanley Kubrick– Nicky Fennell wonders if Kubrick has finally met his deeper blue
Jean Marc Barr– Derek O’Connor met up with the actor and star of the recent ‘Breaking the Waves’
The Voice of Bergman– Pat Collins spoke to Gunnar Bergdahl about his film on Bergman, due to be premiered at this years Venice Film Festival
Framing Her Image– Hilary Dully on the Irish Film Festival in New York that was dedicated to a screening of Irish woman film-makers
Eugene McCabe– Vincent Browne spoke to novelist and dramatist, Eugene McCabe


Dirty Dozen and Trash Classics– James Flynn, outgoing accountant with the Film Board answers the Dirty Dozen and Derek O’Connor focuses on another Irish Trash Classic
American Letter- The Far Side– In the wake of ‘When We Were Kings’, Joan Dean takes a look at American Boxing Movies through the years
Focus– Sean McCloy looks at the life and work of Joseph Losey
TV Column– RatBoy on ‘Candid Candidates’ and ‘Breaking the News’
Film Reviews– ‘The Disappearance of Finbar’, ‘Flirt’,’Homeboy’, ‘Serial Numbers’, and ‘Alaska’
‘Scream’ at the Ormeau Baths– Jane Tynan reviews ‘Scream and Scream Again’
Book Reviews– Seamas McSwiney reviews David Puttnams new book, ‘The Undeclared War- The Struggle for Control of the World’s Film Industry’

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