Issue 26


Neil Jordan – Seamás Mc Swiney talks to the director Neil Jordan on his recent film, ‘Michael Collins’


Aidan Quinn– Seamás Mc Swiney talks to Aidan Quinn who plays Harry Boland in ‘Michael Collins’
Comment – Muiris Mc Conghail writes why ‘Michael Collins’ is “in every sense a true epic”
Rebel Hearts – Vincent Browne on other representations of Michael Collins including ‘Hang Up Your Brightest Colours’ and ‘The Treaty’
The Fleadh Premieres – Keith Hopper reviews of all the Irish films at this year’s Fleadh
The Trouble With Words – The presenter of No Disco on the new wave of music videos
Cheap Tricks – Sarah Caden talks with Donal Scannel who shot the “Revelate” video for The Frames
The Return of the B-Movie – Nicky Fennel on whether ‘Independence Day’ is a big-budget B-movie
A Life in Film – Norris Davidson on his career
Never Mind The Shilleagh – Derek O’Connor on some of the worst Irish screen accents ever
Kino in Cork – Pat Collins speaks to Mick Hannigan, programme director of the Cork Film Festival
Edinburgh Film Festival – Highlights from this year’s festival
Palace of Dreams – Donal Haughey on receiving the Best Documentary Award at this year’s Galway Film Fleadh
Women in Film – Noreen Collins on “The Female Vision”
Artaud Tribute– A Tribute to Antonin Artaud


The Far Side – Joan Dean on Robert Altman’s ‘Kansas City’
Focus – Luis Buñuel
TV Column– Rat-boy on RTÉ’s autumn schedule
Reviews – ‘Lone Star’ and ‘Escape from LA’
Bookshots – Projections 6

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