Issue 24


Trainspotting– Keith Hopper reviews the latest from the makers of ‘Shallow Grave’ and speaks to its director, Danny Boyle
Claire Duignan– In an interview with Pat Collins, Clare Duignan talks about the commissioning process and Short Cuts


Cathal Black– Vincent Browne interviews Cathal Black following the success of his latest film, ‘Korea’
Seven– Alan Murphy on ‘Seven’, ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’
Johnny White– The director of ‘The Moon on my Back’, Johnny White spoke to Nicky Fennell
Marina Hughes– First time producer Marina Hughes tells Pat Collins of the trails and tribulations of bringing ‘The Boy from Mercury’ to the big screen
French And Irish Film A Comparison– Seamus McSwiney explores the merits of setting up a co-production treaty with France
Breandán Feiritéar– Laura Monaghan spoke to Breandán Feiritéar about his unique documentaries
Rotterdam Film Festival– Johnny Gogan traveled to Rotterdam recently and brings back news from the film festival


The Far Side– Joan Dean on ‘Nixon’, Oliver Stone’s latest attempt to retell American history
Focus– Sean McCloy profiles one of cinema’s great directors who brought us such classics as ‘The Secret of My Success’ and ‘The Ladykillers’
On Location– Pat Redmond, stills photographer, told Sarah Caden the tricks of the trade
TV Column– Rat Boy on Plato, couch potatoes and ‘Our Friends in the North’
Reviews– ‘Heat’ is reviewed by James Finlan and ‘Clockers’ and ‘Casino’ are reviewed by Derek O Conner. Fergus Daly gives us five good reasons to see Jarmusch’s ‘Dead Man’
Foundations– The final installment in the ‘how-to make a movie’ guide from Dermot Tynan
Opinion– Muiris Mac Conghail on the Indecon Report and the impact of the budget on Section 35

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