Issue 22


Fanatic Heart– Nicky Fennell interviews Thaddeus O’Sullivan on ‘Fanatic Heart’ which premiers at the Galway Film Fleadh


Underdevelopment- Rod Stoneman on developing features
The Cinemas In Galway – Alan Brouder’s timely research on the history of cinemas in Galway
Brownlow On Beckett – Kevin Brownlow on meeting with Beckett to discuss his venture into film
On Location– The work of a third AD is highlighted in an interview with Adrian McCarthy
The Lover Of Horses– Tess Gallagher in an interview with Pat Collins, talks about her writing, shortcuts and her late husband Raymond Carver
The Hurler On The Ditch– Keith Hopper takes a personal look at the lot of a film critic
Music- Music scores– The bread and butter work for composers
The Russian Cannes– Susan Knight on the film festival at the Black Sea


Opinion– Muiris Mac Conghail on ‘Section 35 films’.
Focus – Sean McCloy examines the work of Arthur Penn who will be attending the Galway Film Fleadh
The Far Side– Kevin O’Leary on ‘Braveheart’ and ‘Batman’
Foundations– The third in the series of ‘how-to’ articles for beginners, Dermot Tynan explains how to create the perfect proposal
TV Page– The joys of Hall’s Pictorial Weekly
Film And Video Reviews– Ronan Lynch reviews ‘Bad Boys’ the redesigned ‘Miami Vice’, James Finlan on Hal Hartley’s ‘Amateur’

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