Issue 21


Donald Taylor Black– Vincent Browne interviews the maker of ‘Ourselves Alone?’ which was recently broadcast on RTÉ
Gatt – What is it?– Pat Collins takes a back to basics approach and interviews Mary Bannotti about GATT and the new Media 2 programme
Wim Wenders– In an exclusive to Film West, Katherine Waugh and Fergus Daly discuss among other things, Wenders’ influences


Cinema & Comics– Nicky Fennell examines the influence of the comic strip on film-makers
Sex, Seduction & The Star System– Keith Hopper tries to explain charisma and takes a cheap swipe at Michael Douglas in the process
Wenders – The Report– A profile of Wim Wenders’ recent discussion at the IFC when he visited Dublin as Chairperson of the European Academy
Sound and Vision – No Disco presenter, Donal Dineen explores the music video in the CD-Rom age and asks ‘Is it art?’
Miller’s Crossing– The Musical- Sandra Joyce and Niall Keegan explain background to the musical score of ‘Miller’s Crossing’


The Far Side– American Letter- Joan Dean on why ‘The Lion King’ is a break from Disney’s recent formula
Opinion– Film, Beckett and failure. Ted Sludds on why Beckett’s “notoriety is now such that a fart or comma issues forth an automatic round of applause and a book of analysis explaining the deeper meaning behind flatulence and punctuation”
Foundations– The second in the series of ‘how-to’ articles for beginners. Dermot Tynan explains how to budget for a low budget film
Technical Page – Joe Chalmers waxes lyrical about the under valued Super 8
TV Column– RTÉ remembers the history of cinema in Ireland and forgets how to make sitcoms
Film and Video Reviews– Muiris Mac Conghail reviews ‘The Secret of Roan Inish’ and believes it to be an example to Irish film-makers. Joan Dean reviews: ‘Circle of Friends’, James Finlan on the recently released complex but classic ‘The Tin Drum’
Book Reviews– Lizzie Francke’s ‘Scriptgirls’ and Bergman’s ‘Images’

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