Issue 20

Pat Collins talks to Pat MaCabe about ‘The Butcher Boy’, ‘A Mother’s Love’s A Blessing’, his views on cinema, the theatre and RTÉ.
Mary McGuckian talks to Pat Collins about her directorial debut, Words Upon The Window Pane, due to hit the the screens in February.


The Red Tractor- Keith Hopper on The Quiet Man, Jim Sheridan, Poland, nuns and a red tractor.
Roger Corman
– Nicky Fennell talks about the extra-ordinary career of Roger Corman, due to hit Tully in 1995.
Screening The IRA – From ‘The Informer’ to ‘Blown Away’, Joan Dean examines the representation of the IRA in film.
Northern Lights– Sean McCloy on the work to date of the Northern Ireland Film Council.
Neil Jordan– Vincent Browne profiles the Irishman of the moment.
Tapping The Sources– John O’Donoghue tells us how SOURCES can benefit a writer.


The Far Side– American Letter- Joan Dean on why ‘Hoop Dreams’ is perhaps the most important documentary since World War II to examine the unexamined life in America
Focus Beckett’s Film– In celebration of the 30th anniversary of ‘Film’, Katherine Waugh and Fergus Daly explain why Gilles Deleuze called it “The greatest Irish film”.
Foundations– The first in a series of how-to articles for beginners, Dermot Tynan gives some handy tips on how to approach your first short
Technical Page– If you think a local bus is the number 19 to Salthill then you must learn something by tuning in to Johnny White’s feature on Non-Linear video editing
TV Column– Rat Boy on BSKyB and the evils of camcorders
Film and Video Reviews– Keith Hopper runs a critical eye over ‘Schlinder,s List’ Paul Power examines ‘Out of Ireland’, ‘Lamb’, and ‘Baraka’.