Issue 18


Louis Marcus – Pat Collins talks to Louis Marcus about his six part series The Irish Condition
Chris O’Grady – Pat Collins talks to the Principal Officer in the Department of Arts, Culture & the Gaeltacht


Hal Hartley – the darling of the indie circuit is profiled by Vincent Browne
An Avid Fan – Justin McCarthy sings the praises of Avid
Cult Corner – Michael Brennan on the short career of Michael Reeves
Waiting for the Boat – Nicky Fennel on Denis Potter’s Last Interview
Dreams and Realities – James Flynn of The Irish Film Board on Section 35


The Far Side – Joan Deam on In the Name of the Father
Focus – Peter Meagher on Cinema in Russia
TV Column – Rat-boy on MTV

Reviews – The Piano, Do I Not Like That?, Manhattan Murder Mystery & Heaven and Earth