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Film School Interviews | #2 Ruth McNally

Today, we interviewed Ruth McNally, participant on Film School 2014, about her experience on the course. Ruth directed the short, ‘The Usual’ and this film was chosen to represent Ireland at the International Iris Prize in Cardiff and screened at festivals throughout the world.

Film School 2015 starts on September 26th and runs for 8 weekends. Phone us at 091-770748 or email education@galwayfilmcentre.ie for more information.

Before, you attended Film School, had you any film experience?
I had studied screenwriting before but had no practical experience.

Why did you do the course?
It sounded like a great way to get experience and build a portfolio, seeing as how you come out of the course having made two short films. Also seemed like a nice productive way to spend my weekends!

Describe your experience on the course?
I loved the course, you learned so much about the various aspects of film making in such a short period of time, the tutors were really helpful and enthusiastic, and you were essentially equipped with the skills you needed to then go and make two short films.

What are you up to now?
I decided to continue with studying film and am starting a Masters in film production in a few weeks.

Was the course beneficial in developing your career/creativity?
Well the experience I got from this course formed an essential part of my application for the Masters, and I got to meet other people with an interest in film making, as well as people involved in the film industry when I went to film festivals with our film The Usual. Really I got far more than I could have anticipated from the course!

Thanks Ruth!

The Usual

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