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The Usual Nominated for Iris Prize

The Usual, a short drama made on our recent Film School has been selected as the Irish nominee for the prestigious Iris prize. The film was nominated by the GAZE International LGBT Film Festival.

Thirsty work for Robbie Gallgher, John Hayes, Mike Kelly, John Paul Murphy & Rickie O Neill

The Iris Prize Festival takes place in Cardiff, Wales from 8 – 12 October. The prize itself is valued at £25,000 and funds the film-maker to make another film.

Cast and Crew of The Usual

The Usual, was directed by Ruth McNally and written by Tomas Conway. Cast are: Robbie Gallagher, John Hayes, Mike Kelly, John Paul Murphy, Rickie O’ Neill, Jack Evans and Nuala Kane.

Jack Evans & Nuala Kane prepare for Exposé Style Sequence..FAB!

The film is set in a small rural pub, where three Irish famers are enjoying an afternoon’s drink. A stranger walks in and his curious behavior entertains them for a while, but they won’t want someone like him hanging around their local for too long.

Other crew involved include Dan Fahey, Kate Croffey, Niall Glynn, Michael Wallace and Liz O Malley.

Film School was tutored by Aidan Maguire, Deirdre Grae, Molly O’ Driscoll, Johan Molenaar, Ivan McMahon and Eamonn Dunne.

The film received a fantastic reception at its premiere at the GAZE International Film Festival and will continue its tour of the festival circuit in the coming weeks and months.

More info on Iris Prize: http://www.irisprize.org/x2014/en/c147/i/726/desc/the-usual/
Some pics from set of The Usual: https://flic.kr/s/aHsjW8Aekr

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