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Little Cinema’s not so little anymore!

Little Cinema ain’t so little anymore as it pushes on to it’s 4th birthday. Kenny, Liam and Julia have been holding these monthly screenings since 2010 at Upstairs in Kellys and it’s something to be praised and not taken for granted that they provide this monthly forum for film-makers from around Galway and indeed, beyond.
We attended the Little Cinema last night and despite competition from lovely sunny weather and the Champions League, they still had a full house.

11 shorts were shown and as always, they were an eclectic mix. A one minute retelling of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre through animation, a man who feels the need to sellotape his socks to his legs at bedtime, a unicyclist making his way around Merlin Woods, a little history of the Claddagh Ring, amazing timelapses of Dubai, the true pain of cycling and an O2 ad with some authenticity were some of the areas covered!

Some personal highlights included the work of Derrynane Robot Club from Cork (yes Little Cinema is a nationwide forum now). Why haven’t we heard of these guys before? Their comedy sketches are hilarious and by the way Derrynane is in Kerry so don’t be fooled by their name! Also, NUI Galway Filmsoc‘s has been beavering away making a webseries called Runners. They showed the pilot which was great and we certainly want to see the next in early May. Another short n sweet piece was April Fool’s Day by Kenny Gaughan which wholeheartedly captured what April Fool’s should be all about..well until that one prank…! (For legal purposes, we can’t comment on Heart and Hand, which was made on a GFC training course, but it was great!)

Encapsulating the heart that goes into Little Cinema, the group had pieced together a tribute to one of their regular contributors, Peter McGann who is heading to distant shores. Also, Peter had a film in the programme about the art critic/social commentator, Eoin Pellet. The film ends with Eoin trying to drag a comment from a film artist that’s just been assassinated…need I say anymore..well, the film artist didn’t!

I will certainly be back. I’ve never left the Little Cinema without having enjoyed plenty of belly laughs and then some.

Details about how to contact Little Cinema and submit etc etc are on on their website. They usually have their screening on the last Tuesday of every month.  http://thelittlecinema.com/

Here’s the films (couldn’t find the links to two of the films):
April Fool’s Day
Roscam Wood’s Muni
Heart and Hand
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Goodo Thompkins
Beer, Burgers, Barbie and Ben
Through the Pain
Eoin Pellet
Derrynane Robot Club
Dubai Timelapses

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