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Do you love film? Galway’s African Film Festival 23rd-25th May

Jointly set up by the Galway One World Centre in conjunction with the Huston School of Film & Digital Media and the Galway Film Society, this year the Galway African Film Festival is taking place 23rd to 25th of May, with all films being free of charge. This festival builds on a passion for film by presenting a showcase for, and celebration of, world-class African cinema. It is an opportunity for audiences to sample the enormous diversity and complexity of themes and artistic output from African film-makers.
If you are interested in cultural diversity and world cinema  the African Film
Festival is well worth a look, and might surprise you in how you see Africa and its people.

This festival presents a range of movies to give an overview of the variety of African current and historical issues.
This annual festival aims to present audiences with a challenge to the often limited, stereotypical and Western images of Africa. The event provokes thought and broadens the context of African affairs, and the relationships between Africa and the West.
Looking for financial support to cover screening fees, venue cost, distribution expenses, programs and posters printed, advertising.
By contributing to GAFF you’re not just guaranteeing yourself access to the extraordinary
experience of foreign films – you’re supporting the creativity and careers of dozens of talented film artists and creating a showcase for the alternative film scene in Ireland.

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