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European Commission funded project: iPro

To whom it may concern,

Ever wondered what education can do to support the Creative Industries meet
the many challenges they face on a day to day basis?
In Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology, we are particularly interested in identifying any gap between the curriculum currently delivered by education providers and the knowledge and skill sets required by industry. With this in mind we are working on an European Commission funded project called iPro.

More info HERE We are writing to you in order to capture the                                                 perspective of practitioners in the Creative/Digital sectors.

The goal of the iPro project is to build a research based model framework,
which will match the curriculum currently followed by Media and Art students
with the requirements and needs of the Creative/Digital sectors. Given your
expertise in this domain we would be extremely grateful for your insight
through completion of this important online survey

As a token of our appreciation for the investment of your time in completing
this survey, the first 100 respondents will enter a draw for a ’32 GB
Surface Windows RT Tablet with Surface Touch Cover Keyboard’. Thank you for
assisting us to capture the Irish perspective on  this European wide project
and feel free to pass this email and survey to other colleagues whom you
feel might wish to contribute.
If you have any queries regarding this survey please don’t hesitate to
contact either myself Linda Carroll on 086 1914856 or Philip Penny on 086

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