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Little Cinema Features: Trampoline and Limp

The Little Cinema is extremely proud to be screening two fantastic Irish made feature films next week. Here is what they have to say about the films:

“They were each made on a budget of under €1000, and with that in mind the resulting films are even more impressive than they already were.
The first film is “Trampoline” by Tom Ryan. It’s his first feature length film and tells the story of Angie Corbett who returns to her hometown of Nenagh to take up a job as teacher and then struggles to come to terms with whether it’s something that she actually wants to do and if that is the direction she wants her life to go in.
The story is compelling and will resonate with a lot of people who may have found
themselves in  a job where they never imagined being, or those who have also at some stage in their lives come to a cross roads of decision that will decide their futures.
It’s an uplifting and inspiring film, not just from the thematic viewpoint, but from the fact that
Tom managed to create such a fantastic film on such a small budget, it will give film makers the belief that making a feature is now a distinct possibility.”
Tickets are €5 and are available on the door or in advance from Eventbrite at

“Our second film is “Limp” written and directed by Shaun Ryan and filmed by Kevin Minogue. Shaun and Kevin are regular submitters to the Little Cinema and they have submitted some of the most imaginative and inspiring shorts to us since the Little Cinema started in 2010. Their back catalogue of films is fantastic and so we were excited to hear about their feature. Limp definitely did not let us down, instead living up to all the high standards we had imagined for it. It tells the story of a man “whose brain has been curdled by isolation.” So much so that we find out he has killed a co-worked and is keeping her  body in his apartment. In his mind instead of seeing reality, he is seeing a dreamlike relationship burgeoning between them, which is brilliantly portrayed.
The story is great and much is left to the imagination, which makes it all the darker for it. We saw the film at the Cork Indie Festival and were all blown away by it. Everything about it struck us, from the shot selection to the storyline to the underlying themes, everything was ace.
As with Trampoline, this is such an inspiring film to see for film makers, because it’s showing what can be done when talented people come together, and at the end of the day, every great film begins with one simple thing: a good idea.”
Tickets are €5 and are available on the door or in advance from Eventbrite at http://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=10595885579
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