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Short Film Competition

Creative Ventures, an international company, with an office based in Kerry, is running a competition for film-makers at the moment.

They are looking for a 3 page synopsis of a script of a short film. The selected script is then made over 21 days with a full crew. The competition is open to the EU.

Applications can be made in in two ways. If you are someone with a production crew who would like to handpick yourself, you can do that. You can also apply as an individual with a script. Other crew who would like to participate in the project can also apply, be they directors, camera people, actors, sound engineers, lighting directors, focus pullers etc.  To do that, you send an email stating your field of expertise and how you think you could help out as part of a production crew.

Keep in mind that the entire script will be filmed in the communities and landscapes of the West of Ireland … the Ring of Kerry or Connemara.  Although the story does not necessarily have  to contain an ‘Irish’ angle or theme, be aware that it will be filmed in Ireland. Keep the Irish landscape and weather in mind for your story.

The deadline for submitting your entries for Irish entries is March 31st, 2014. The 21 day shoot will take place in September/October 2014.

The award includes:

  • A Full 4K Film Production Kit including:
  • Sony F5 / F55 Camera with AXS-R5 4K Raw Recorder
  • PL Prime & Zoom Lenses by SONY & ARRI/ZEISS
  • Sony OLED Monitors
  • Sachtler Tripods
  • Sennheiser Microphones
  • Sound Devices Sound Equipment
  • Arri Pro Camera Accessories – Matte Boxes, Follow Focus etc.
  • Tiffen Filters
  • Dedo, Litepanels or Arri Light Kits
  • And everything else you need and is listed on their website.

21 days shared accommodation for a production crew of 10 people as well as 2 actors. (They can help you with local extras). Hotel breakfast and lunch on set will be provided.

  • The evening meal will be at your own expense.
  • Flights to and from Ireland will also be at your own expense.

Submit your entry to: accounts@creativeventures.eu

Website with info is HERE

They also take care of all transportation for crew and equipment with multiple vans and people carriers. For those who want to do editing and post production, a full FCPX editing suite with the coming new MacPro and Thunderbolt 2 Promise Pegasus storage, DaVinci Resolve 10 (full licence) and Tangent Element 400 color panels will be available.

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