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5 TV Things we didn’t know about Tom Bidwell

In the run-up to our Talking TV Drama Event on October 17th/18th in Galway city, we’re asking our 14 guests some questions about themselves, just so we all get to know them a bit better before they hit the West Coast!

We’ll be releasing the answers everyday here on our website so watch this space. For more details on the seminar, click HERE.

Today, Tom Bidwell, creator and writer of MY MAD FAT DIARY , fills us in on her TV viewing habits!

Five TV things we didn’t know about Tom Bidwell

First TV Job
My first job in television was shadowing Mark Catley on a CASUALTY double bill he was writing.  He is a very generous writer and a lovely chap so he let me have a go at a first draft despite my inexperience.  I ended up lumping our three biggest story beats in the episode into one scene.  I remember him being very kind about it but saying “why don’t I take over from here?”

First TV Memory
I remember this very vividly.  It was winter and I was sitting on my own in our cold front room cross legged looking up at our tiny TV.  Season one episode three of QUANTUM LEAP was on, but I had no idea what it was.  At the end of the episode I think he leaps into the body of a boxer about to go out for a fight.  By the time he looked in the mirror and said “oh boy” I was absolutely hooked.

Favourite TV Character
Ralph Cifaretto, Tyrion Lanister or Moe Szyslak.

Guilty TV Pleasure
I used to be obsessed with SAVED BY THE BELL.  Zack and Kelly is (probably) the greatest love story every told.

Are you ‘a boxset- watch in one-go’ or ‘tune in every week’ person?
I get so depressed sometimes when I get to the end of a TV show I’m enjoying that I’ve had to force myself to space them out.


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