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5 TV Things we didn’t know about ..Melanie Stokes

In the run-up to our Talking TV Drama Event on October 17th/18th in Galway city, we’re asking our 14 guests some questions about themselves, just so we all get to know them a bit better before they hit the West Coast!

We’ll be releasing the answers everyday here on our website so watch this space. For more details on the seminar, click HERE.

Today, Melanie Stokes, company director of Kindle Entertainment , fills us in on her TV viewing habits!

Five TV things we didn’t know about Melanie Stokes

First TV Job
Information officer for ITV schools programmes – the militaristic sounding job title and the corporate 9-5 world of b’cast tv was not quite as creative and free as the fantasy I had nurtured as an under-graduate.

First TV Memory
Pink Panther – those fantastic opening titles with the cool 2D cat arriving in his live-action car and that cool jazz tune – I was about 5 and watched it every Saturday on the family telly – which  was small, portable and b&w. I had no idea the pink panther really was pink.

Favourite TV Character
When I was younger – Morse. I loved his fatherly wisdom, inner pathos and reassuring intellect. Now I’m older I’m looking for a female character to guide me through my next phase of life

Guilty TV Pleasure
South Park which I watch with my teen boys and love and  Some Girls which I watch with my teen daughter and enjoy every bit as much as her.

Are you ‘a boxset- watch in one-go’ or ‘tune in every week’ person?
Total binger! I can lose whole weekends.


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