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5 TV THings we didn’t know about Rob Cawley

In the run-up to our Talking TV Drama Event on October 17th/18th in Galway city, we’re asking our 14 guests some questions about themselves, just so we all get to know them a bit better before they hit the West Coast!

We’ll be releasing the answers everyday here on our website so watch this space. For more details on the seminar, click HERE.

Today, Rob Cawley, Irish director writer and producer, fills us in on his TV viewing habits!

Five TV things we didn’t know about Rob Cawley

First TV Job
While I was still in college I got a gig as a researcher/writer for a comedy panel show for RTÉ.  You Cannot Be Serious was a kind of hybrid cross between a satirical review of the week and a parlor game format, which didn’t really work.  It was axed after a few episodes, but the lessons I learned from it I applied to my first real job which was another RTÉ panel show called Don’t Feed The Gondolas, which ran for four years.  My next job after that was in Australia, as head writer of the very first Aboriginal comedy show for SBS – but that’s a while other question.
First TV Memory
I was scared out of my mind of “Pigs In Space” sketches on The Muppet Show.  I’m not 100% sure why.  It had something to do with Miss Piggy pushing the wrong button and Darth Vader appearing.  I was probably about two years old.  After that I had to watch parts of The Muppet Show from behind the couch.  I know… wimpy, right?
Favourite TV Character
Mike Ehrmantraut
Guilty TV Pleasure
Anything I can get to watch when my wife isn’t at home.  Usually some science fiction, which becomes my antidote to Desperate’s Anatomy.  I’ve heard rumours of a Battlestar Galactica reboot in the works.  If that happens that will certainly become my guilty pleasure.
Are you ‘a boxset- watch in one-go’ or ‘tune in every week’ person?
If it’s any good I can transform into Monty Burns’ version Howard Hughes in a matter of days.


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