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5 TV things you didn’t know about…Tom Vaughan Lawlor

In the run-up to our Talking TV Drama Event on October 17th/18th in Galway city, we’re asking our 14 guests some questions about themselves, just so we all get to know them a bit better before they hit the West Coast!

We’ll be releasing the answers everyday here on our website so watch this space. For more details on the seminar, click HERE.

Our first special guest who’s been brave enough to reveal some TV truths is actor, Tom Vaughan Lawlor, star of RTÉ’s LOVE/HATE.

Five TV things we didn’t know about Tom Vaughan Lawlor

First TV Job
Love/Hate Series 1 was my first TV job.
First TV Memory
Airwolf or Manimal.
Favourite TV Character
Omar from The Wire or Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad.
Guilty TV Pleasure
My wife and I don’t actually own a tv.
Are you ‘a boxset- watch in one-go’ or ‘tune in every week’ person?
We are a complete watch-in-one-go box-set junkies. In Treatment is one of our favourites, and of course Mad Men. I’m half-way through Deadwood which is fantastic too. We watch them for hours, then sit around discussing them for another couple of hours.

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