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Apples of the Golan to screen at many international film festivals

The on-going conflict in Syria has led to a growing interest in Twopair Film’s feature documentary Apples of the Golan. Although not set in Syria, the film deals with the Israeli occupied Golan Heights, which before the Six-Day War of 1967 was part of Syria; the Arab people of the region still consider themselves Syrian. Directed by Jill Beardsworth and Keith Walsh, the film tells the story of the Arab people in the Golan Heights using the apple as a symbol of their steadfastness and resistance in the face of occupation. The trees root them to the land. They will not be moved. The apples are their bombs.

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Filmed between 2007 and 2012, the film documents the time leading up to the Syrian uprising and observes how the effects of the conflict can be seen in the Golan Heights. The sound of explosions in Syria drift over the border on the winds of change turning neighbour against neighbour, brother against brother; they also bring tourists from Israel eager to see the fighting. Apples of the Golan poetically portrays a community cut off from its homeland and unable to escape, turning in on itself. Israel is home, Syria the homeland. Neither is paradise.

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The film will screen this coming Thursday 19th of September at 8pm in Naas Library as part of Culture Night and will also screen at the following: Baghdad International Film Festival, Festival des Libertes in Brussels in October, Leeds International Film Festival, The Other Israel Festival New York, New York University in November and at the Bristol Palestine Film Festival in December. A tour of universities in Britain is also being planned.

Here is a trailer of the film:


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