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Our Unfenced Country Commences Shooting

Our Unfenced Country, one of the Galway Film Centre/RTÉ 2013 shorts commenced shooting last weekend. It is written and directed by Niamh Heery and produced by Eric Dolan and Swansong Films. The film is being shot in the boglands of Lough Boora in Co. Offaly and the main cast is made up of Róisín Murphy, Pascal Scott and Ignacy Rybarczyk.

Róisín Murphy and Pascal Scott

Other crew include: Kevin Minogue (Camera), Cian Moynan (Camera Assist), Joe Dolan (Sound mixer), Dave Dolan (Boom Op), Derval Curran (Make-up artist) and Eric Dolan (Clapper loader).

Our Unfenced Country - Shoot

Shooting continues this weekend. The film takes its title from a Seamus Heaney poem, Bogland.

Our Unfenced Country -Shoot

There are more photos of the shoot available HERE

Also HERE is a link to Niamh’s blog with lots of useful information for film-makers out there trying to get their work made.

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