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“Aughty” Screening AT TULCA

Discussion and Music event as part of the Tulca Festival of Contemporary Art

Tues 20th Nov at 7pm in Nuns Island Theatre, Galway

“Aughty” is a film that documents 18 months in the remote mountain region of Sliabh Aughty, a vast and unique geographical area that spans East Galway and East Clare in the West of Ireland. It is made by visual artists and film-makers, Megs Morley and Tom Flanagan.

Still from Aughty
“Aughty” is a non-narrative approach to documentary, interweaving scenes of extraordinary beauty with scenes depicting everyday occurrences and customs alongside rigorous experimental sequences. The starkly beautiful landscape of the Sliabh Aughty region is the platform where many of the current threats to tradition rural communities in Ireland are being played out. However, despite these current threats, there are inspiring moments of community, culture and resistance. ‘Aughty’ is a film that captures the complex relationship between the people and the land on which they live at a moment where the degeneration and regeneration of traditional rural communities and the impact of modernization on rural society in Ireland, is reaching a pinnacle moment.

The screening is free, and all are welcome to attend. The filmmakers will be present and will be discussing their work with Gregory McCartney (Curator of Tulca 2012) and Maeve Mulrennan (Curator of Galway Arts Centre) after the screening, followed by a music performance by Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon in the Roisin Dubh at 9:30 pm

Aughty” has been curated by Dr. Aine Phillips, as part of Aughty Public Art Projects, commissioned by Galway County Council, supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Clare Co Council. Aughty Public Art projects is a Ground Up Artists Collective (GUAC) initiative

For more information and to see a trailer of the film, click here.

For information on the Tulca Festival of Contemporary Art, click here.

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