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Brenda Fricker gets a little animated at A Man & Ink

Galway based A Man & Ink is pleased to announce that they are in production on two new shorts, A Stitch in Time and The Neighbours. They have just spent the last 18 months working on preschool series Joe & Jack.

The short, A Stitch in Time, sees them working with Oscar-winning Actress, Brenda Fricker. It is being directed by Lorraine Lordan and it was originally a poem written by Marguerita Aoife Purcell. Fricker will take on the lead role of Grannie Annie, the diligent protagonist.

Grannie Annie in A Stitch in Time

In the story, Annie is very purposefully, but tenderly, sewing, mending and joining pieces of fabric together as she recites the poem of loss, forgiveness and getting stronger. As the film progresses, it reveals that Annie’s task is a very personal one, revealing as it does that she is putting the pieces back together of her beloved granddaughter Lacey, who has been physically ripped apart. But with the tenderness and perseverance Lacey is pulled together again and with the care of her Grandmother, together they take their first tentative steps back out into the world.

The second short, The Neighbours, directed by John Peavoy, tells the story of an elderly frog trying to find out who Scott Carrier is and why this Tom Cat is sitting oh so very high up in his tree, and how in the Lord’s name will he get him down.

Still from The Neighbours

The film is based on the recordings of the real life Scott Carrier, a radio producer and Professor of Communications from Utah University. The original recording of the piece, which is part of a larger set of recordings, first featured on The Story with Dick Gordon as part of their Neighbourhoods – All Sides Now segment, broadcast on Friday July 15 2011.

The two shorts are scheduled for completion by Christmas at which point they will be releasing them out into the world via various festivals and online.

For any additional information, please contact Jeremy Purcell tel (091) 501046 or jeremy@amanandink.com

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