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New Hawkeye Documentary

Hawkeye Films announce the forthcoming broadcast of Oileán na Marbh – Island of the Dead – on TG4, as part of their Cogar series on Sunday 21st October 2012.

The documentary explores the story of the forgotten children whose short lives were masked by silence and shame, their deaths unrecorded. They are the stillborn and unbaptised infants who lie in unmarked graves in children`s burial grounds, or Cillins, who were refused burial in consecrated ground by a church that condemned them to a lifetime in Limbo. These Cillins exist in every townland in Ireland. For the last few years the community in Carrickfinn, Co. Donegal have gathered in Mid-August to commemorate the children’s burial ground, on Oileán na Marbh. In doing so they ensure that the short lives of these infants will be remembered for future generations. The film re-creates the journey of one such baby and in doing so allows us explore the often hidden history of these forgotten lives and the places they were secretly buried in.

“A Cillin is a very special place, a very sacred place and a place we should hold in great reverence. They are a place of great pain, of misery, of tragedy of suffering and I think we are going to have to start honouring these places, bringing it out of the darkness into the open.” (Mairie Cregan. U.C.C.)

Produced and directed by Donal R.Haughey, Photography by Ger Conway and Edited by Keith Walsh. TG4, Sunday 21st October 2012,

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