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Little Cinema Expands a Little

The Little Cinema is back this month with something a bit different. They recently received a few submissions which were over their usual 10 minute limit. They wanted to be able to show these films without changing the normal Little Cinema format so they’re putting on this special event ‘The Not So Short Shorts’ to cater for it. If the night goes well, they might have it on a more regular basis.

The line-up is as follows:
1. Darren Hinchy – ‘The Body’ 21:23
2. Dave Thorpe – ‘Impetuous’ 12:10
3. Carla Maria Tighe – ‘Unheard’ 15:26

The event will take place in Kelly’s Bar on Tuesday 21st August with doors opening at 9PM. The entry remains €3 on the door, with one submitter per film getting in for free.

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