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Macropolis, Animated Belfast Short, at Wimbledon

Macropolis, an animated short being made by Flickerpix in Belfast, will be screened before the Men’s Final At Wimbledon this month. Created by Joel Simon (Horn OK Please) and co-written by Ciaran Morrison and Mick O Hara (Creators of Zig and Zag), Macropolis is the story of two reject toys who escape from a factory. Determined to rejoin the other toys, they lose themselves in the big city.

Shot in an unusual combination of stop motion, CGI and time-lapse photography, this short film is animated entirely on the streets of Belfast. Real world locations are used as backdrops for the stop-motion animation puppets, which will be animated single-frame, in real time, and on the ground. The puppets were made from a mixture of resin, silicon and plasticine.

Macropolis has been commissioned by the Unlimited programme, part of London 2012 Cultural Olympiad and will premiere on July 8 on the BIG SCREEN at Belfast City Hall. More info about the film is available on its website here.

Also Queens Film Theatre will be screening Macropolis as part of their Animation Week in August. Feature length animations, old and new, will be screening throughout the long weekend and Macropolis will open each screening. More info here.

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