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Apples of Golan Screening at the Film Fleadh

‘The part of Israel and Syria where the apple is the people’s bomb’

Apples of the Golan, a feature documentary, will screen at the Galway Film Fleadh on Thursday the 12th of July at 4pm in the Cinemobile. The film was directed, filmed and edited by Galway Film Centre members Jill Beardsworth and Keith Walsh. It was produced by John Wallace and was executive produced by Donal R. Haughey of Hawkeye Films.

Apples of Golan


Apples of the Golan is the epic story of a village turned prison full of rappers, rockers and regimes, salsa dancers, holy men and dead fish, traitors, lovers, freedom fighters and their heartbroken mothers set against the backdrop of the revolution raging in their homeland Syria as it creeps through the orchards towards their homes in Israel.

In 1967, Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria. Before the occupation, this Arab village was one of 139. Only five remain. 130,000 Syrian Arabs were permanently forced from their homes. This film tells the story of one of these villages, Majdal Shams, and it’s people. They are too few to fight. The apples are their bombs with which they fight the occupation. The trees are what root them to the land; they will not be moved. Israel is their home, Syria their homeland. Neither is paradise.

“…absorbing documentary…a well-structured documentary that tells part of a complex story with skill and craft, Apples of the Golan is a striking tale of the strength and spirit of a people determined not to lose their identity and the land that it is tied to.” Steven Galvin – Film Ireland

“The story is heartbreaking, a Berlin Wall story of our times” Brogen Hayes – Hayes at the movies

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