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Screening of documentary on Zimbabwe

Amnesty International and the Huston School of Film & Digital Media are presenting the much acclaimed documentary ‘Robert Mugabe -What Happened?’ on March 24th at 7pm in the Huston School. Billed as the definitive account of Mugabe’s life, the film’s maker Simon Bright says that this film “gives Mugabe the credit where its due. It’s an exploration of what happened to a promising African leader who was well respected and it recognises his fight for freedom and against Apartheid. But it also explores the forces that caused him to effectively destroy a lot of what he built.” The documentary, directed by Simon Bright and produced by Michael Auret, had its World Premiere as the Opening Night film of the Encounters South Africa International Documentary Festival in Cape Town and went on to be the most watched film at the 2011 event, with additional screenings being added to accommodate the demand.

Produced by Michael Auret, the film will be presented by Michael Auret Snr, the producer’s father, who spent most of his lifetime in Rhodesia (as it was formerly known) and then Zimbabwe, working for the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace. He eventually settled in Ireland with his wife, originally from Sligo. Q & A after the film.

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