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Junior Film Fleadh seeks Shorts

It’s the summer and you know what that means…yep staring out the window at the rain…again. While the Irish weather is doing what it does best (making people wear long pants in the summer, then laughing cruelly as they absorb massive amounts of water like some kind of surreal, demented denim sponge) the Junior Galway Film Fleadh has a bold suggestion to allay the boredom of yet another Irish summer:


No, they are not looking for you to donate your unused (and slightly forlorn looking) short pants, but rather The Junior Galway Film Fleadh (16th – 19th   November) is looking for entries for our Short Film Programme.

If you, your friends, school, college, youth or sports club have made a short film and would like to see it on the big screen then send it our way.

The closing date is August 22nd so you still have time to get something together and at least do something cool this summer.

The only rules are that it cannot be over 15 minutes and…you must be 18 years old or under. Any genre from Documentary, Animation, Drama, Action, Musical, Comedy and any mix thereof is acceptable.

The winning  short will be screened in next year’s official Galway Film Fleadh shorts programme! So stop looking out that window, grab a camera and some mates and start filming and who knows? Maybe next summer you could be attending the Galway Film Fleadh and rubbing shoulders with the stars of the silver screen.

Entry forms can be found on their website at www.galwayfilmfleadh.com

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