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Inaugural 30 Minute Film Festival Winners

Sunday, July 10th, the last day of the Fleadh, was the date for the first ever 30 Minute Film Festival. This event was organised by Galway Film Centre and Input Media, in association with Galway Film Fleadh. The Cinemobile played host to the festival and it was great to see the venue completely packed out.

The Festival was open to all genres and included films from all around the world. All sorts of subject matter was covered and there were some very interesting pieces.

There was a high occurrence of cats on the big screen and thus it was no surprise that one of our feline friends walked away with the Judges Award. Lilou, directed by Ruth Meehan, tells the true story of an adventurous cat, who takes the train to the big city for the day. It eventually found its way back to its owner via social media. The owner of the cat stars in the film. It’s a great tale (pardon the pun) and a great short film. Well done Ruth. (Film is posted below).

There was also an Audience Award and this went to some other fluffy creatures..two stuffed toys to be exact! Got Your Nose, directed by Keith White, was a funny story of how innocent play-acting can go terribly wrong…even within the teddy community. Well done Keith. Both winners are posted below.

Judges Award: Lilou (Ruth Meehan)

Audience Award: Got Your Nose (Keith White)

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