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Galway Film Centre Preview: Final Day!

Galway Film Fleadh Preview: Final Day!
Sunday 10th July
Preview by Sue Murphy
Hard to believe it, but this is the final day of the Fleadh for another year.  I hope the previews have been helpful and regardless you made it to some screenings, even if they weren’t on our suggestion list!

As always, the day will kick off with the Irish Shorts programme and this morning it will be the documentaries and animation shorts.  There are far too many to mention but shorts are a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning.  They will begin at 9am in the Town Hall with documentaries and animation will start at 12.30pm.

30-minute Film Festival
One of the Galway Film Centre & Input Media events will take place today.  The 30-minute Film Festival will show 30 one-minute films both from seasoned experts and novices, no specific  theme was required and the one-minute films have been selected by a panel of judges.

Cars 2
Pixar films are the leaders in animation features and the follow up to their most successful film, Cars will screen in the Eye at 2pm.  Following on with Lightning McQueen, this film is mainly Mater’s adventures on the road to their first ever Grand Prix.  Talked down by the critics, this is still a Pixar film regardless and will be light years ahead of other animations.  Specially for the event, Cars Toons, short films featuring the cast of Cars 2 will precede the screening.

An Afternoon with Martin Sheen
Most people can think of no better way of spending an afternoon than with the legendary Martin Sheen and aren’t we lucky in Galway to have this event.  Sheen, possibly one of the greatest actors to grace the silver screen and a huge Galway fan will be the subject of the public interview this year, looking back at his illustrious career.  The event will begin at 3pm in the Town Hall Theatre and will be followed by a screening of the classic Badlands.

Holy Wars
Perhaps one of the most fascinating documentaries to come out of Ireland, Holy Wars takes a look at two extreme approaches to religion and goes behind the conflict of a 1400 year old religious conflict.  The film tracks their lives from the War on Terror to the election of Obama, following an extreme Muslim convert on the one side and a Christian missionary on the other.  Holy Wars screens in the Cinemobile at 7.45pm

Closing the Fleadh this year is the Mike Mills film Beginners which will screen in the Town Hall at 8.30pm.  Following the story of Oliver who falls in love with Anna only months after his father has died, we are brought on a trip of discovery as he remembers the life of his father who lived an openly gay lifestyle after his wife of 45 years died.  Starring Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer, this is a wonderful choice to close an enlightening and fantastic festival.

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