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Galway Film Fleadh preview: Day 5!

Galway Film Fleadh Preview: Day  5!
Saturday 9th of July
Preview by Sue Murphy
The second last day of the Fleadh sees another of the New Irish Shorts: Drama Programme in the Town Hall at 10am and 12pm.  On top of that, there will be a chance to view some of the Irish made-for-television documentaries in Cinemobile from 10am with the last one screening at 5pm.  These include Who is Dervla Murphy?, a look at one of Ireland’s most prolific writers and Tubaiste Bhale Mhanais, a look back at the disaster of the sea mine which exploded at Ballymanus Strand in Donegal.

African Cats
Anyone who takes an interest in wildlife documentary will be delighted to get along to the screening of African Cats, which is one of the very few screenings showing in Ireland of the Disney documentary.  Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, the story follows a lion cub, a cheetah and a proud leader of the pride.  Beautifully filmed, this is definitely one to get along to and will screen in Omni 7 at 12.30pm.

Bernadette: notes on a Political journey
Sticking with the documentary theme, another one checking out today is the political documentary on Bernadette Devlin.  Made over a period of nine years, the piece reflects on some of the painful and interesting moments in her career.    Devlin was famous for her impatient political nature, engaged in civil rights as a feminist, she became one of the youngest women elected to Westminster.  She will also be attending the screening along with the Director and following this will engage in a discussion entitled “Agitate, Organise, Educate”.  The screening will take place in the Town Hall at 16.30.

Stella Days
Another of the eagerly awaited screenings of the festival will be the Thaddeus O’Sullivan film, starring Martin Sheen, Stella Days.  Set in Co. Tipperary, Sheen plays Daniel Barry, a parish priest, who feels he is removed from the community he lives in and has lost his vocation.  Ordered by the Bishop to embark on a fund-raising campaign, Barry hopes to reconcile his love for film with his love for the church, but meets protests and obstacles every step of the way.  The Director and members of the cast will attend the screening in the Town Hall at 7pm.

Men of Arlington
I actually have seen this one at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and I cannot recommend it enough, I shed a tear at the end and it pulled on all my heartstrings.  You will be doing yourself a serious disservice by not seeing this.  Telling the story of some of the men who lived in Arlington House, Camden, following emigration from Ireland, Men of Arlington spent a great deal of time around the boarding house before and after its restoration.  These men went to London to find a better life, but lost themselves along the way, some never returning home, others to drink.  There is one particularly touching scene where one of the oldest residents goes to his new room and comments that it is too big, he has been so use to living in a broom cupboard his entire life, a small room is too big for him.  The documentary will screen in the Cinemobile at 8pm and please make every effort to see it…

Charlie Casanova
If you get through all that and are still hungry for more, Charlie Casanova will screen in the Town Hall at 22.45.  Attended by the Director and cast, it follows the story of Charlie whose life is slowly falling apart, losing his properties, affairs with his best friend’s wife and a hit and run accident all lead to lies becoming truth and reality becoming fantasy, Charlie learns some dark truths.   Directed by Terry McMahon, the film has split critics and deserves a viewing.

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