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Galway Fillm Fleadh: Preview of Day 3

Galway Film Fleadh Preview: Day 3!
Thursday 7th July
Preview by Sue Murphy
Don’t forget to check out the New Irish Shorts programme which begins this morning bright and early in the Town Hall at 10am.  There will be another programme at 12pm also and this will be screening the best shorts and new Irish talent.  What a way to ease you into another day of film at the Galway Film Fleadh, demonstrating their support for new and upcoming directors, producers and actors.  So please show your support!

As part of the Wild Card segment of the Fleadh, there will be four screenings today of indie Irish films that have been made outside of normal funding methods.  3.10 to Claremorris will screen at 10am, Opus K at 12pm, Jack Gambel: The Enigma at 2pm and the final screening Blood at 4pm.  All screenings will be shown in the Cinemobile and admission is 3 euro.  We would recommend a look at Opus K by Eamonn Gray, which follows a journalist hired by a psychiatrist to investigate the death of a former patient.

Considering the current economic climate and the IMF landing on our shores again this week, Gnarr provides an interesting investigation into Iceland and its problems.  Following its bankruptcy, Iceland also had to contend with the ash cloud crisis, which spat volcanic ash all over the world and brought air traffic to a complete halt.  In the midst of this chaos, Jon Gnarr set up the Best Party, a completely comedic move, the party’s agenda was to give all his close friends important jobs, an incorruptible and drug-free parliament and would not discuss anything with other parties until they had watched all five seasons of The Wire.  The cause built an unlikely momentum and the party soon became unlikely heroes.  Most importantly, a discussion will take place following the screening involving members of the Best Party and Irish commentators.  This will be one of the favourites of the Fleadh, maybe we should take some tips from Iceland!  The screening will take place in the Town Hall at 2pm.

Circus Fantasticus, an Irish co-production with Slovenia, Finland and Sweden will screen in Omni 6 at 5.15pm.  The production has previously had a screening at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival and has been well reviewed.  Following the death of his wife, a man stays alone with his children in the middle of a desolate field.  To counteract the danger of a follow up attack, he literally runs off to the circus with his children.  Not one word of dialogue is uttered in this film, but that only makes it more intriguing as it deals with life’s major worries of war and death.

The final recommendation from the Galway Film Centre is a screening at 7pm in the Town Hall. Man on the Train stars the wonderful Donal Sutherland as a professor who has never ventured outside of his sheltered life.  However, following a chance meeting with a criminal who is in cahoots to rob a local bank, the Professor offers him a place to stay for a few days.  An unlikely friendship begins,  which both men benefit from, learning different ways of life.  The Director, Mary McGuckian, will also attend the screening.

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