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Issue 31


Interviews: LIV ULLMANN Fergus Daly met the Swedish actress and director in Dublin recently MARK BERGER Pat Collins spoke to the four-time Oscar winning sound designer SYLVIE VERHEYDE Joanne Hayden met the young French film-maker who was in Dublin for the French Film festival ON THE SET OF METEOR Triona ...

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Issue 32


Interviews: JIMMY SMALLHORNE Pat Collins spoke with the Irish director of 2by4 which won the Best Cinematography Award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival John Carney Derek O’Connor spoke to John Carney, the director of November Afternoon and the one-hour drama, Just in Time Features: NON PLACES-NEW IRISH CINEMA FROM ...

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Issue 21


Interviews: Donald Taylor Black– Vincent Browne interviews the maker of ‘Ourselves Alone?’ which was recently broadcast on RTÉ Gatt – What is it?– Pat Collins takes a back to basics approach and interviews Mary Bannotti about GATT and the new Media 2 programme Wim Wenders– In an exclusive to Film ...

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Issue 22


Interviews: Fanatic Heart– Nicky Fennell interviews Thaddeus O’Sullivan on ‘Fanatic Heart’ which premiers at the Galway Film Fleadh Features: Underdevelopment- Rod Stoneman on developing features The Cinemas In Galway – Alan Brouder’s timely research on the history of cinemas in Galway Brownlow On Beckett – Kevin Brownlow on meeting with ...

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Issue 23


Interviews: Roger Corman– Nicky Fennell interviews Roger Corman who was in Galway recently visiting the set of ‘Trained For Action’ Union Man – Pat Keenan of SIPTU in an interview with Pat Collins Features: Brave Hearts And Cute Hoors– Keith Hopper on exploitation in the Irish Film Industry The Arts ...

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Issue 24


Interviews: Trainspotting– Keith Hopper reviews the latest from the makers of ‘Shallow Grave’ and speaks to its director, Danny Boyle Claire Duignan– In an interview with Pat Collins, Clare Duignan talks about the commissioning process and Short Cuts Features: Cathal Black– Vincent Browne interviews Cathal Black following the success of ...

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Issue 25


Interviews: From Hollywood Barracks to Hollywood Boulevard– Seamus McSwiney in an exclusive interview with Terry George the director of ‘Some Mother’s Son’ Drinks! Girls! Feck!– Nicky Fennel spoke to Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan about ‘Fr.Ted’ and writing for sit-com. Features: Alan Gilsenan Interview– The director of documentary classics like ...

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Issue 26


Interviews: Neil Jordan – Seamás Mc Swiney talks to the director Neil Jordan on his recent film, ‘Michael Collins’ Features: Aidan Quinn– Seamás Mc Swiney talks to Aidan Quinn who plays Harry Boland in ‘Michael Collins’ Comment – Muiris Mc Conghail writes why ‘Michael Collins’ is “in every sense a ...

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Issue 27


Interviews: Seamas Woolley interviewed by Seamás McSwiney about the Irish film industry, his work as producer, and his long association with Neil Jordan Features: Ian Kilroy– Vincent Browne spoke to Ian Kilroy about the screen adaptation of his poem ‘Brood’ Concorde Arís– Roger Corman’s studios the story so far The ...

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Issue 28


Interviews: Mike Newell– Pat Collins spoke to the director of ‘Donnie Brasco’ Drinking Crude– Owen McPolin on the trials and tribulations of making his first feature film, ‘Drinking Crude’ Fred Zinneman Interview– The late Fred Zinneman in an interview with Peter Canning Bob Collins-The Director General of RTÉ spoke to ...

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