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Job Description: WRAP Fund Development Manager

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Purpose of Post
Reporting to the Board of the Galway Film Centre, the WRAP Fund Development Manager’s key responsibility is; promotion of the WRAP Fund to identify suitable projects, assist in the development of those projects to be investment ready, assisting them in achieving international reach, evaluate applications for funding including the structuring and negotiation of deals, the disbursal and monitoring of investments and negotiating exits.

Key Tasks
The Development Manager of the WRAP Fund is required to:

  • In conjunction with WDC agree standard form criteria and  terms for investment in Projects;
  • In conjunction with WDC, be responsible for developing due diligence guidelines for the initial assessment of Projects before they are referred to the Evaluation Committee
  • Preparation of policies and procedures for the running of the Fund.
  • Development and implementation of a marketing and promotion strategy for the WRAP Fund and in the generation of quality dealflow;
  • Work with stakeholders in the Region to ensure that all parts of the Region are fairly represented in the Fund.
  • Represent the WRAP Fund within the Region, Nationally and Internationally.
  • Evaluate funding applications ensuring that due diligence is completed in line with the procedures agreed with the WDC ;
  • Prepare and present evaluation of the application to the WRAP Fund Evaluation Committee
  • Liaising with the Evaluation committee
  • Report to the Evaluation Committee at each Evaluation Committee meeting on the progress of the WRAP Fund, on Project applications received and on previous investments made;
  • Presentation on a 6 monthly basis to the Steering Committee (which will consist of representatives of the various stakeholders)
  • Negotiate and structure deals on behalf of the WDC;
  • Ensure that appropriate exits mechanisms are identified for all investments;
  • Monitor a portfolio of investment projects to ensure investments are being maintained.
  • Report on a regular basis to the WDC on portfolio companies performance against Plans;
  • Assist in the commercialisation of these ventures;
  • Maintain in timely manner project information and use this information to work with various partners to assess the impact of the WRAP Fund over the three-year pilot period;
  • Work with various partners to secure operational funding for the WRAP Fund post the three-year pilot process;
  • Fully explore the potential of other funding sources which could be applicable to support the expansion of the WRAP Fund in the future;
  • Prepare an annual report on the WRAP Fund and present this to the Evaluation Committee, WDC and GFC; and such other acts and things as the parties may agree from time to time.

Full application details are here.


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