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Infinitely Polar Bear screening as part of First Fortnight in Galway Town Hall Theatre

Galway’s Town Hall Theatre is hosting a special screening of the film ‘Infinitely Polar Bear’ as part of FIRST FORTNIGHT in partnership with the IFI.

First Fortnight is a charity-based organisation with the express aim of challenging mental health prejudice through the creative arts. The aim to make First Fortnight of each year synonymous with mental health awareness, challenging prejudice and ending stigma through a programme of excellent music, film, theatre, spoken word, debate and visual art events.

Infinitely Polar Bear is screening on Tuesday 17th January at 8pm and is a film that depicts a refreshingly positive portrayal of life with mental illness starring Mark Ruffalo.

“Boston in the late ‘70s; Cameron (Mark Ruffalo) is struggling with bipolar disorder; the future appears uncertain for his wife Maggie (Zoe Saldana) and their two daughters when a particularly difficult period sees him both fired from his job and hospitalised. When she is awarded a scholarship to attend Colombia University, Maggie convinces her reluctant husband – convalescing at home on lithium treatment – to look after the girls for the eighteen months she’ll be in New York, a less than ideal arrangement given his frequent manic behaviour.”

There will be a post-screening discussion on the topics raised in the film

Tickets are €7 / €9 and can be booked though the Town Hall Theatre website here.



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