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Galway City of Film celebrates ‘Galway: My Home, My Place” for Culture Night 2016!

Join us this evening Friday 16th September, Culture Night 2016 for a special screening of a One Minute Film Festival that captures ‘Galway: My Home, My Place’ on film!

Here’s a sneak peek at some film stills from tonight’s films! For full details of the screenings see: http://www.galwayfilmcentre.ie/2016/09/14/films-selected-for-the-one-minute-film-festival-special-for-culture-night/

A Claddagh Heart Still Image
A Claddagh Heart by Tony Walsh
Ana Levisky
‘I love it how conversations flow from family to brown bread’ by Ana Levisky
Body of Christ still sm
‘Body of Christ’ by Amy-Joyce Hastings
Chris Banahan - winter sunrise over galway
‘The Winter Sunrise’ by Christopher Banahan
Dockland still
‘Dockland’ by John O’Shea
‘409’ by Morgan O’Brien
Family Favourite Moments copy
‘Family Favourite Moments’ by Jonathan Connolly
Galway Pride by John Corcoran
‘Galway Pride’ by John Corcoran
Lalie Crowley
‘What does Galway mean to me’ by Lalie Crowley
Mary Kelly
‘Galway: My Home, My Place’ by Mary Kelly
Matthew Blayney
‘Galway: My Home, My Place’ by Matthew Blayney
Merlin Woods by Friends of Merlin Woods & Epoché Films
‘Merlin Woods’ by Stephen Ward / Epoche Films
Ode to the riff raff street rats of Galway by Ruth McNally
‘Ode to the riff raff street rats of Galway’ by Ruth McNally
Passing time - Ronan Concannon
‘Passing time – Ronan Concannon
thumbnail - Airman
‘Airman’ by Caoimhin Coffey

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