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Bradford City of Film welcomes the Cinemobile!

Bradford City of Film are delighted to host Galway’s Cinemobile during the Bradford International Film Summit in March:

“CINEMOBILE TO BRING THE MAGIC OF MOVIES TO CITY PARK: The magic of movies is being brought to City Park during the Bradford International Film Summit with a mobile cinema, showing exclusive screenings right into the heart of Bradford.

Bradford UNESCO City of Film working in partnership with the newly designated UNESCO City of Film, Galway, is bringing Ireland’s very own transformer to Bradford city centre where it will host summit events.”

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Cinemobile Manager Noreen Collins said: “We are thrilled to be taking part in the Bradford International Film Summit. Cinemobile is based in Galway, in the west of Ireland, which has only recently been designated a UNESCO City of Film. Cinemobile is a fantastic way of watching movies, transforming from an artic truck to a fully air-conditioned, fully digitised, enclosed, and very cosy 100 seater cinema.”

Director of Bradford UNESCO City of Film, David Wilson said: “We are delighted to have the Cinemobile with us in City Park – it will be a really unique experience for those who manage to get tickets so book early to avoid disappointment!”

For the further information see the Bradford City of Film post here.


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